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Peppa Pig Party: It's that easy

Peppa Pig Party: It's that easy
Your child loves the little pig and wants nothing more than a Peppa Pig party ? Then we now have the quick solution for you! Because with us you will find the complete Peppa Pig decoration in one box !
Why everything in one box?
Because we know how busy today's moms and dads have to do and want to provide you with an all-round, worry-free package for your Peppa Pig children's birthday party. Because we also know that you would like to fulfill your kids' every wish and of course the Peppa Pig party has to take place!
What do I need for a Peppa Pig children's birthday party?
Well planned is extra well celebrated! In short: If you plan the entire party, you have less stress when celebrating and have everything on site! That's why we recommend our complete set with cups, plates, napkins and of course balloons and garlands for toddlers' birthdays. Are the children ready for games and fun? All the better, because our Peppa Pig Party Box comes with lots of great game ideas and game instructions for your Peppa Pig children's birthday party!
And that's all in our Peppa Pig party decoration set:

Peppa Pig Party Box for 8 people

The Peppa Pig Party Set includes:

  • 8x Peppa Pig paper plates, Ø 19.5cm

  • 8x Peppa Pig paper cups, 200ml

  • 1x Peppa Pig letter chain, cardboard, 2m

  • 20x Peppa Pig napkins, 33cm x 33cm, 2-ply

  • 1 round Peppa Pig foil balloon to be filled with helium or normal air

  • 8 party bag bags with Peppa Pig motif

  • 1x Peppa Pig bunting, foil, 2.3m

  • 8x Peppa Pig latex balloons, Ø 30cm
  • 10x drinking straws, pastel colored, cardboard, 19.5cm
  • Lots of great game ideas and game instructions for your Peppa Pig party

With us you won't find any (!) plastic plates or cups, everything is made of cardboard and recyclable, because we also want to protect the environment!

Latex balloons in bright colors for decorating or playing with.

In our Peppa Pig set you will also find children's birthday garlands to decorate!

Get Peppa balloons filled with helium sent straight to your door:

For everyone who likes to make the little ones happy with helium balloons on the big day, we have another surprise . Because we deliver your favorite Peppa Pig balloons, filled with helium, straight to your front door. Take a look, you can simply click on the pictures here and go straight to the balloons :

Peppa Pig balloons

Peppa Pig balloon greetings in many different colors

Peppa Pig balloon greetings

An unforgettable surprise for your child's birthday

Peppa Pig foil balloon

Our balloon greetings are delivered straight to your door!

We also thought about the party favors. Here and here you will find great party bags and gifts for your Peppa Pig children's birthday party. And also this great lifelike Peppa Pig Airwalker :

Peppa Pig Airwalker

Our life-size Peppa Pig Airwalker : popular with everyone and guaranteed to be an unforgettable birthday surprise !

Peppa Pig party bag

Writing sets to divide up and give away as a gift for a child's birthday party

Peppa Pig party invitations

Super cute folding invitation cards to put up

Peppa Pig candle

A must-have on the birthday cake: a Peppa Pig cake candle


Have you already decided on the Peppa Pig party set ? We guarantee you a great party and look forward to seeing the children's eyes shining!

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