What is helium?

Helium is the most popular balloon gas because it is easy to use. Everyone can fill their own balloons. Here you can find our helium bottles that you can fill yourself.

How long does helium last in a balloon?

A distinction is made between balloons and foil balloons. Ordinary balloons are made of latex. This material has the property of allowing the balloon gas helium to escape. Even from a high-quality latex balloon with a diameter of around 30 cm, most of the helium gas escapes after around 4 to 6 hours. This does not happen with foil balloons. Here the shelf life is several days to weeks! (7 days to 4 weeks)

Where can you have foil balloons filled with helium?

There are regional suppliers where you can buy helium. You can order the foil balloons from us already filled (see HERE) , or have us deliver helium HERE .

Which types of balloons are suitable for helium?

The fact is: foil balloons last longer! If you would like to fill latex balloons with helium gas, do so shortly before the start of your celebration. A little tip: There are certain shelf life liquids that can extend the shelf life of the helium and thus the floating time of latex balloons by up to ten times. Please write an inquiry via info@letspartybox.de.

Balloon gas helium bottle

How many balloons can you fill with the helium bottles from letspartybox.de?
We sell the following helium bottles:

Helium bottle for filling approx. 30 balloons

Contents: 0.21m3 helium gas

filled approx:

-30 x 23cm diameter balloons


-14 x 36cm balloons


-2 x 86cm foil balloons

Why does a balloon with helium actually rise into the air?

Air and helium are colorless and transparent. However, they are still two different gases with different weights, with helium being lighter than air. Fact: Whatever is heavier stays down, whatever is lighter rises.

Balloon gel for a foil balloon

Why does helium actually escape from a balloon?
The material used to make helium balloons is not 100% leakproof. If you look at latex balloons under a microscope, you will see pores. These enlarge when the cover expands, i.e. when it is filled with air. This effect is not as pronounced with helium balloons made of foil/Mylar. So they simply float longer! Upon request by email (see above), you can receive a special balloon gel from us so that the joy of latex balloons lasts for a long time and they also float for a long time!