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Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons
Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons
Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons
Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons
Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons
Zoom Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons

Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons

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Balloons filled with helium are the perfect birthday present for all little Wutz fans near and far! Our Happy Birthday Peppa Pig balloon set of 3, great balloons filled with helium, consists of 2 colorful hearts and a Peppa Pig balloon with a Happy Birthday Peppa Pig print (see picture). Put together with a lot of love and decorated with colorful ribbons, these are guaranteed to be the most beautiful helium balloon greetings you will ever send!

Would you like to add a personal message? No problem. Simply write us an email with your desired text and your order number to and we will put a personally written card in the box!

You can also have these balloons sent anonymously, the choice is yours.

Shelf life up to 7 days (sometimes even 4 weeks).

The Happy Birthday Peppa Pig 3 balloon set consists of:

-1 Peppa Pig Happy Birthday foil balloon / diameter approx. 45cm

-2 colorful heart balloons filled with helium / diameter approx. 45cm each

-hand-decorated with colored ribbons

-Includes handwritten greeting card (if required)

-Of course, the invoice is NOT included with the gift, you will receive it separately by email

- Helium-filled balloons may contract in the cold, but will recover quickly and expand again at room temperature.

***Please note: Our filled balloons must be ordered individually and cannot be delivered in a box with other party items!***

Everything you need to know about balloons in a box:

1.) Keep the balloon filled: The higher the tension of the balloon, the tighter the valves remain closed. Consequence: Your balloon floats longer! To refill the balloon with breathing air, simply use a straw. This way your balloon will float for a really long time!

2.) Refill with helium: We fill every balloon full of helium. The gas escapes slowly and ensures that you can enjoy your balloon greeting for a long time. You can refill foil balloons with helium at any time, so you'll have these beautiful decorative pieces for months!

3.) Be careful of excessive temperature fluctuations: Helium expands when it is warm and contracts when it is cold. This means: If the balloon comes from a cold environment into an environment that is too warm, it may burst. Conversely, it can lose its elasticity when it comes from warm to cold. This results in the hover time being reduced.

Happy Birthday Peppa Pig set of 3 balloons


All information about shipping:

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If necessary, you can also select the express shipping option in the checkout.

Tracking your order

Since all of our boxes at DHL receive a tracking number , you can easily track your package at any time from your cell phone, tablet or PC. This way you know exactly when your package will arrive and where it is! We send everything that fits into an envelope #savetheplanet via Deutsche Post! This is either PRIO mail or registered mail!

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