Zoom Warmies sloth with millet grain and herb filling

Warmies sloth with millet grain and herb filling

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Do you already know Warmies? Cuddly toys that can be heated in the microwave to cuddle and love! A real highlight for children and adults and a great birthday present for everyone.

The sloth is about 33 cm long and weighs about 730 g.

With non-removable millet grain and herb filling.

To ensure even heat distribution, knead the product carefully before use and check the temperature on a sensitive part of the body (e.g. the crook of the arm). Be sure to follow the instructions for use!

Proven Quality:

  • Free from harmful substances
  • harmless colors
  • natural fillings
  • high-quality materials
  • best workmanship

How do I heat Warmies?

After just 90 seconds of heating in the microwave with 800 watts of power, Warmies ® give off a pleasant, soothing heat for up to 1.5 hours.

How long do Warmies really stay warm?

Warmies ® can be heated quickly and easily in the microwave. Warmies ® with their 100% natural grain-herb filling still have a fluffy body temperature, even when they have cooled down after about 1.5 hours

To feel good, cuddle and love with a touch of Provence
Warmies ® cling to the body thanks to the natural grain filling and have a cuddly soft plush fur. They exude a pleasant scent thanks to the addition of real French lavender, which we specially import from Provence.

Can I use Warmies ® without a microwave?
Most of our Warmies ® can also be heated in the oven. Simply preheat the oven to 100°C and heat the Warmies ® on a fireproof plate on the middle oven rack according to the time specified on the product. If available, the grill function must always be switched off. Always follow the instructions for use included with the Warmies ® . Always let a warmed Warmies ® cool down to room temperature before reheating and check the temperature before use (max. 41°C) on a sensitive part of the body (for example in the crook of the arm). To avoid damage, the surface must always be clean and dry.

    Warmies sloth with millet grain and herb filling


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