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Schoolchild decoration: decoration tips for the school starting party

Decoration tips for the school party

The time has finally come, the little ones are growing up and the first day of school is approaching. So I still remember this very special day very clearly, don’t you? I stood there with a big red school bag, excited about what this new phase of life with lots of new faces would bring. The biggest thing of the day – my school bag ! And my biggest question: what's in it :)

Today it's about much more than "JUST" the school cone, why not - after all, we want to make the kids happy and celebrate this festive day just as festively. This includes balloons and great decorations!

Garlands made of balloons are popular for schoolchildren , which become a small work of art with colorful streamers and latex balloons. These can easily be attached to the wall (painter's tape is sufficient!), hung in a door frame, or installed in the garden. There are no limits to ideas here. One thing is certain: you will definitely find the most beautiful place for the garland in your home!

Unique items: Our schoolchild garlands are only available here on ! Because we put them together for you ourselves!

Schoolchild decoration girl


In addition to school cones , school child decorations have become increasingly important! Every school child wants to be celebrated and a pretty balloon decoration with Schulkind lettering is just the thing. We have created 4 different school child decoration sets for girls and boys that are easy to set up, look great and make the big day unforgettable!

Our school child garlands are available in 4 (!) different designs, so everyone will find what they are looking for.

What is delivered?

Everything you need to assemble is included so that the school child decoration looks exactly like it does in our photos. Assembly is really easy and takes about 30 minutes.

Do I need helium?

NO! Our school child decoration is simply filled with normal air, you don't need any helium!

HERE you can take a closer look at all the school child decoration sets:

Simply click on the pictures below and you will go straight to the school child garland of your choice!


If you prefer a streamer garland without the Schulkind lettering , you will find what you are looking for here. We can also put together this garland in many other colors as required, just send us an email!

Now I wish your child and you a great start to school, lots of fun with fantastic decorations and an unforgettable time,

Your Conny!