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New to us: Natural balloons made from natural rubber, stylish, colorful and 100% degradable. Sustainable balloons to celebrate!

Natural balloons, degradable balloons made of natural rubber for children's birthday parties
New to us: Natural balloons made from natural rubber, stylish, colorful and 100% degradable. Sustainable balloons to celebrate!
Celebrating sustainably is an important topic that has been on our minds for a long time. This is also why our online shop on only offers party cutlery made of wood, straws made of cardboard, as well as cardboard plates and cups instead of plastic! Firstly, they look nicer and secondly, we also want to do something for the environment and produce less plastic waste! So far this has been well received and we are continuing diligently.
From now on you can finally get Eco balloons from us, but what exactly are Eco balloons?
Natural balloons made from natural rubber
Our Eco Balloons are natural balloons made from natural rubber and are 100% degradable!
Believe it or not, these nature balloons, which are available HERE in many different great colors, compost like an oak leaf. Is not that great?
We also think so, which is why we now have the great natural balloons in many different colors. You don't actually notice any difference to the well-known balloons, but you know that they were produced sustainably and you therefore have a much better conscience.
Because as the saying goes: “The show must go on!”, that also applies to celebrating birthdays.
You have the choice: We give you various options to celebrate your child's birthday sustainably.
And the best thing: you don't have to go without the balloons. Because if we're honest, balloons are as much a part of a child's birthday party as a really nice cake! By the way, we also have great and sustainable cake topper options made of wood or wood/cardboard , take a look for yourself.
Do you want a sustainable balloon garland? No problem, simply shop for our sustainable balloons in your favorite colors, attach them to our DIY balloon garland ribbon and create a great, very personal and, above all, long-lasting balloon garland (like this one, see picture below).
Make your own balloon garland
Even though we know that foil balloons are not exactly sustainable (depending on how you recycle them!), they are a popular birthday gift and a great birthday surprise.
Foil balloons
Did you know: Foil balloons can be refilled several times.
But: How do I fill a foil balloon for the second time?
Either with helium, or simply with normal air.
How it works? Insert a straw into the opening provided and blow air in. Easy, right?
And so foil balloons can be used multiple times, making them more sustainable than expected! Foil balloons filled with regular air do not float like foil balloons filled with helium, but you can hang them from the ceiling on a pretty ribbon or clear fishing line.
Oh yes, and if you want to save yourself the stress of dealing with helium etc., you can easily buy the ready-filled foil balloons from us HERE and have them delivered to your home! We think: A perfect all-round service for your children's birthday party, right?