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Celebrate sustainably – sustainable party decorations for children’s birthdays

Celebrate sustainably – sustainable party decorations for children’s birthdays

Sustainable party decoration for children's birthdays

When it comes to celebrating a child's birthday, it's often clear: plates and cups are a must, as well as balloons and lots of decorations. But isn't that bad for the environment?

We have the following tips for celebrating a child's birthday sustainably and consciously. So: don't feel guilty despite the party decorations!

Because at we also want to keep up with the times and protect the environment. That's why we relied on paper plates and cups, as well as beautiful wooden cutlery for the children's birthday party! Because there are many great options here to escape plastic!

Cake topper wood

Wooden cutlery children

Do you want to bake a cake for a child's birthday and decorate it? Cake toppers are so popular right now and look really good on any birthday cake! We have cake toppers made of cardboard and wood , so you can either dispose of them in organic waste after the celebration (separate the cake toppers made of cardboard and wood beforehand and recycle them separately), or you can wash it off and save the wooden cake topper for the next birthday – because we also want to celebrate sustainably!

When it comes to napkins, it's clear that either fabric or paper works - and since the all-purpose kitchen roll is also made of paper (and doesn't look cool at all), we think our paper napkins in colorful looks are a much nicer alternative! These paper napkins can be disposed of in the trash, look great as decoration on the small cardboard party plates , which are available here in many different designs, and most importantly: our paper napkins clean little chocolate mouths in no time!

Sustainable tablecloth made of paper

Prevent spills on the table? Of course, as moms we know that things can go haywire at the dinner table (especially with a small bunch of wild party kids). Here too we have found a nice sustainable solution thanks to the Eco Friendly tablecloth , which is also beautiful thanks to the colorful gradient and goes well with all of our party boxes and party decoration sets for children's birthdays :

Recycle latex balloons

Let's get to the balloons. Did you know that many latex balloons are often just as compostable as a tree leaf? Yes, exactly, they are 100% biodegradable! This doesn't apply to all balloons at the moment, but a lot of work is being done on it and we also have these balloons in our range - and there are more! These can easily be disposed of in the compost or in the organic waste bin.

Did you know: Latex is a milky sap from tropical trees and is used to make natural rubber and balloons. All other latex balloons belong in the trash.

In short: A number of latex balloons are not harmful to the environment and we at are working on increasing our range in this area.

Of course, foil balloons are not part of sustainable party decorations at the moment! But you can reuse them! And we think: if you recycle correctly, you can celebrate with foil balloons!

Our foil balloons for children's birthday parties can be filled with either helium or normal air.

Foil balloon mushroom

How do I fill a foil balloon with normal air?

Easy! You can easily fill a foil balloon with normal air. All you need is a straw. You put this in the helium balloon opening and then blow it in yourself. Requires patience and good lungs, but everyone has done it so far! Then simply hang it on a ribbon and under the ceiling or anywhere you wish.

How do you recycle a foil balloon?

Foil balloons are available in many different designs and are therefore particularly popular with children. They like to keep them for a very long time and give them a lot of joy. Every child is happy to receive a helium-filled foil balloon for their birthday. If you no longer want to have it in the house, please simply recycle it in the yellow bag!

What trash do helium bottles go into? Recycle helium bottles correctly:

Buy helium bottles

And now we come to helium. We have helium bottles for you to fill your balloons with, which can also be recycled in the yellow bag (!) after use.

You must note the following:

The helium bottle must be completely emptied. Then follow the instructions on the packaging and recycle the canister in the yellow bag. It's actually easier than you thought.

celebrate sustainably

We hope that we were able to give you a little insight into the topic of celebrating sustainably. As a party online shop, we are always working to improve and develop and are always on the ball when it comes to sustainable celebrations. Maybe YOU have already looked at a number of sustainable products in our party online shop and will soon be celebrating a sustainable children's birthday .

Take care and see you soon, your team