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Celebrate a Halloween party: This is how you can have the perfect scary party

Celebrating a Halloween party? No problem! We'll tell you what you need for a successful Halloween celebration.

Halloween is no longer just another date in October, but a really popular holiday for young and old! And we will help you celebrate this day (scary) beautifully.

How do young and old celebrate?

All the little ones like to celebrate at home in costume BEFORE the candy run. Make-up is applied, food is eaten and at dusk it's time to "grab the bags" because the race to get the most snacks begins.

Those who are a little taller like to celebrate after the run. Here too, the decoration has to be right, because spider webs, ghost balloons and pumpkin decorations ensure the perfect Halloween feel!

In our online shop you have a large selection of Halloween decorative items, table decorations, Halloween balloons and much more that will conjure up a wonderful Halloween party for everyone (!).

AND: We have put together a whole box, a Halloween party set, for you. Packed with great Halloween decorations so you can shop everything with one click. What's inside the scary box?

Halloween party decoration set box:

Do you want to make Halloween an unforgettable event? Then here comes probably the most beautiful Halloween party decoration in a box. Put together by a mom who knows what your kids will definitely enjoy while celebrating. Put together with a lot of love, everything is included to make your four walls really beautiful (!) spooky: from pumpkin balloons to bat garlands, everything is included!

And that's everything in your Halloween party box for up to 12 people:

- 1 helium balloon pumpkin

- 1 helium balloon ghost

- Bat garland made of paper (length 4m)

- Decorative spider webs made of golden cardboard

- Bat confetti

- 6 golden bat plates

- 6 black cat plates

- black/white striped napkins

This box is our Halloween decoration set to give your home a really spooky look, but we have many other items that you can shop separately.

These spider webs with small spiders are extremely popular as Halloween decorations for indoors and outdoors. In our opinion, THE must have for your Halloween party. You can shop them here.

Decorative spider web

These sweet balloons are brand new and they are not that scary, but rather cute and look really pretty in your apartment or on your doorstep (just click on the picture to shop):

and we have much, much more in our range, from witch hats to costumes and make-up pens, everything is included to make your Halloween party a real success.

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Have fun while celebrating!