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Your child's wish: A mermaid party children's birthday

Your child wants nothing more than a mermaid party for their children's birthday? Here are our tips:

Party decoration mermaid

Mermaid children's birthday party decoration

Because cool mermaids and a shimmering underwater world are quite popular as party decorations for mermaid children's birthday parties for children aged 4-8. And we can understand it very well, the shimmering underwater world with great pastel tones attracts many children. As moms, we have of course planned a party like this completely and thought of everything. To ensure that the children's birthday is celebrated sustainably despite the decorations, we avoid a lot of plastic and instead use paper cups, paper plates and of course paper napkins. The mermaid shell garland can be used again and again and can also be hung in the room as decoration after the birthday. By the way, you can click on any of our pictures in this blog post if you would like to see the products.

Mermaid party decorations

Our game & decoration tip: The seahorse foil balloon included in the mermaid party set can be filled with helium or normal air. After the party, it can be refilled again and again (simply with helium, alternatively push a straw through the opening and blow normal air into the balloon and hang it up). We know how much children love their large balloons and you can keep and reuse them for a long time if necessary!

Mermaid party set

As moms, we have thought of everything here and so in our particularly beautiful mermaid party set you not only get wonderful girls' birthday party decorations on the theme of mermaids, but also lots of great game ideas and tips for your children's birthday that are very easy to implement. In our game instructions sheet we have thought of 10 mermaid party games so that all the busy mums out there don't have to and are relieved of their workload. And your children – are well taken care of when it comes to party games!

Birthday DIY and game ideas for your mermaid party:

But that's not all. To ensure that the mermaid party for a child's birthday is a real success, you will also find great DIY party bags from us.

Mermaid birthday mermaid party bag

Crafts at a child's birthday party

Crafting at children's birthday parties is definitely part of it for us and so we have put together a few cute mermaid party bags for your mermaid party:

The small jewelry boxes with mermaid motifs can be painted or decorated as a birthday activity. Many children love this craft activity and are very proud to be the owner of their own creation at the end.

Making necklaces at a child's birthday party

Our mermaid print snap bracelets are great prizes for hitting the pot and threading the shell beads onto necklaces or bracelets is a fun birthday activity for any child! Mermaid jewelry is of course something very special, and it's also about stimulating the creativity of every child and perhaps bringing some peace into the afternoon through the craft activity on the child's birthday.

As other mermaid party bags for children's birthday parties, we have these stickers that glow at night, snap bracelets , glitter stickers with mermaid motifs and much more. Click here to see our party bags for children's birthdays and let yourself be surprised.

Cake topper children's birthday mermaid

Last but not least: our cake topper with mermaids! Shimmering mermaids for your cake, tart or buffet! Now all you have to do is bake and your birthday can come.

We hope you are now well informed and inspired when it comes to mermaid children's birthday parties! You can also find all items in our online shop at – save time, have a party!